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Betiyan Foundation is one of the eminent non-profit organization engaged in providing a better future to the underprivileged girls. We make efforts to reduce the miseries faced by the children in the capital. Education is the basis of development; thus, we provide education to the girls in order to enhance their as well as the future of the country. A woman is the creator of this beautiful world and we make sure that she gets a respectful life.

We make the underprivileged girl children capable so that they can compete and come at-par with this fast-growing community. Girl gives a shape to this civilization; hence, our NGO works hard to provide better health, education and basic necessities to them. We also focus on providing proper medical facilities to the children. we have been able to arrange the basic necessities for the girls. Our team members work to stop exploitation against the girl child. We work as a team for the betterment of impoverished girl

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award from DM 08.03.2021

award from DM 08.03.2021

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